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After one makes the commitment to right wrongs as a super hero, it is important for the the budding hero or heroine to dress appropriately for the task at hand.  That's right, it's time to design your uniform!  Please note that a super hero does not wear a "costume," as he is not just playing at dress-up.  Concomitant to the development of a secret hero identity, a true super hero must have a useful uniform that allows for ease of movement, is durable, and is donned only for the purpose of fighting crime and defending the meek.

There are several essential elements to a super hero's uniform.  Choose the combination that works for you.

The Cape:    Regardless of what many designers may believe, capes are not out this season!  Capes can range from short and cheeky to long and flowing.  They can be dark, ominous-looking cloaks that hide one's form in the shadow of night, or light and airy to catch the wind whilst flying.

The Mask:    Smart heroes know that one must hide one's civilian identity from the nefarious hordes of evil-doers in the world in order to protect those close to heart.  What better way to disguise oneself than with a mask?  Masks range from the tiny-yet-effective domino style to the full-face mask or helmet.  Be sure you can see out of the eye slits of your mask!  The last thing you need is to have your peripheral vision cut off in the midst of battle.

The Gauntlets:    Another way a hero can protect his identity is to wear gloves that cover fingerprints.  Gloves also defend against the cold, and provide some protection for the delicate bones of the hand when punching through brick walls.  NB: Just as one's tie should match one's socks, the gauntlets of a super hero's uniform should compliment the cape, if worn.

The Belt:    A belt is a very useful accessory to a super hero's uniform.  It can be as simple as a snazzy sash that flutters while flying, or an extremely hi-tech utility belt.  Besides helping one cut a sharp figure, the belt provides the perfect place for utility pockets in an otherwise revealing outfit.  Some of the items you can put into belt pockets: gas pellets, ID card, cab fare, camera, teleportation device, two-way radio, business cards.  Be creative!

The Boots:    Unless you are an amphibian who does most of your crime fighting under the waves, shoes do indeed make the man or woman.  Boots add support for the ankles when leaping down from several stories high and aid in giving that special oomph one sometimes needs when kicking the head of a villainous alien bent on devouring the inhabitants of our world.  NB:  While high heels do indeed enhance the shapeliness of the female leg, a super heroine should bear in mind that she does need to be able to run in her uniform boots - sometimes at super speed!

The Insignia:    Not of the least importance is the insignia that helps people to identify your hero persona.  The insignia can be iconographic (Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern), or a stylized letter of your super hero name (Superman, Supergirl, Krypto).  Though many heroes have their insignias emblazoned across their chests, others choose to place them on other parts of the uniform (Robin, Aquaman).  There are three simple guidelines that one should bear in mind when designing one's insignia: It should be stylish, it should be bold, and it should easily recognizable by the public at large.  After decades of having people ask her "Just what is that on your breastplate?" Wonder Woman finally chose her signature winged "WW" logo.


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