The Mighty Gargoyle

a play for the stage by Matthew Gallagher

Excerpt: Act I, Scene 7.

Tag: Mina Harker, who had helped her husband and friends to destroy Dracula, is back from the dead, and ready to party.

The story so far:

Their kids grown, Jonathan and Mina Harker are preparing to settle into middle age as a comfortable suburban London couple at the dawn of the 20th Century.  Son Quincey arrives home from university with a surprise - his fiancee! Unforturnately, he arrives just in time to find his mother succumbing to an outbreak of influenza. Mina is entombed, and the family mourns.

Even though the nefarious Count is dead, he had left his mark upon his last bride. The Szgany, Dracula's old minions descend upon London to bring their new Blood Queen back from the dead. She can't but help to answer the Call of the vampire who once wooed her.

And that's when the fun starts.  Bloody, disturbing fun.


4 Women, 8 Men, plus ensemble

Mina Harker
Jonathan Harker
Quincey Harker, their son
Lucy Harker, their daughter
Ellie Harrison, Quincey’s fiancée
Arthur Holmwood, Lord Godalming
Professor Abraham Van Helsing
Milosz, leader of the Szgany
Terry Morris, Quincey Morris’ nephew
Miriam, nurse to Mina Harker
Salton, a servant in Godalming’s house
Digger, a servant
Szgany Gypsies
Various Londoners


Lights are dim.  Jonathan still lies in a stupor on the divan.

On the landing above, the red mist flows.  Outside the upstairs window, Mina appears, floating in it.

The Voice:  Jon... Jonathan...

Harker:  Mina...?

The Voice:  Jon... Jon...

Mina:  Wake up darling.

Harker sits up and looks around.  He perceives no one.

Harker:  Mina... no, it can’t be....

Mina:  Jonathan, darling...

Harker:  No... no... I sealed up myself... you could not have gotten out, even... even if....

The Voice:  ....let  me in, darling....

Mina:  Jonathan, I’m so lonely without you....

The Voice:  Let me in....

Jonathan:  (Starting to collapse again) Oh, Mina! What shall I do without you!

The Voice:  Stand!

Harker stands, not realizing that he has done so.

Mina:  My darling, I would not leave you.  Call to me, and I will come.

The Voice:  Call my name! Let me in!

Harker:   No... I cannot... it would not be right....

Mina:  I’ve missed you so, Jon... I’ve missed your body on mine...  it’s been so long since we’ve...

The Voice:  ...been together...

Harker:  You weren’t supposed to die like that, you know... you were always the strong one...

Mina:  I shall be your strength once more, my darling....

The Voice:  Call to me....

Harker:  Oh, Mina!  Come back to me, Mina!  Come in!  Come back!!!

The upstairs window blows open under some unseen force, and Mina wafts through it.

Mina:  I’m home.

Mina descends the stairs, carrying the mist with her.  Her strides are now powerful and long and graceful.

Harker stares at her in horror and longing.  He falls to his knees as Mina reaches the last few steps.

Mina saunters to him, touches his cheek and holds his chin in her fingertips, as if inspecting some curio in a shoppe.

Harker:  You won’t leave me again, will you, Mina?

Mina:  All those years... all those years, trapped inside my body... with you...

Harker:  What... what are you saying?

Mina:  You didn’t save me –– you sentenced me!  Sentenced me to the prison that was this mortal body!  Now my body is a true vessel:   for my passion; for my power; for my lust.  He called me to be his Queen, but you saw to it that I would serve only you.

Harker:  Mina... I Don’t speak such things... love you. 

Mina clutches Harker’s throat.  Her face turns to a grimace.  She releases him contemptuously and he falls to his knees, his face buried in the folds of her skirt.

Mina:  You will serve me now, Jonathan.  My bidding will be your greatest joy.  The only thing you live for....

Harker:  Oh, Mina... yes.... anything for you....

Mina pushes Harker down to a prostrate position, where he grovels at her feet.

Mina:  Now, where are my dear children?


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