The Mighty Gargoyle

Cindy Claus Saves Christmas
Holiday High
Bird Brains

Stage Play Excerpt:
"Cindy Claus Saves Christmas"
Santa's Niece in action!
45 mins. 15+ Characters
Stage Play Excerpt:
"Fast Times at Holiday High"
Winterfest shenanigans at Santa's alma mater.
45 mins. 15+ characters
Comedy Sketches
3 short scripts.
2-7 characters

Djinn Rummage by Matt Gallagher
All That Glitters
Short Stage Play:
"Djinn Rummage"
Sure, it looks like a bargain...
15 mins. 7-10 characters.
Short Stage Play:
"All That Glitters"
The Behr Brothers strike gold...or do they?
20 mins. 4 characters.

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