The Mighty Gargoyle
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Cindy Claus Saves Christmas


Great snowstorms!!

This Christmas, Mrs. Claus is making Santa take a vacation. That's okay, because he's left the North Pole operation in the hands of his niece, the amazing Cindy Claus! Everything goes like a light snowfall until the flying reindeer wind up missing! Are they on strike? Have they been kidnapped?
Just as Cindy starts her investigation, Santa's evil twin brother Anti-Claus --disguised as his sweet sister Aunty Claus!-- comes for a "visit."

Join Cindy, her friend Rodney, and a plucky penguin named Sparky as they take us on a whirlwind journey all over the globe...with Anti-Claus always one step ahead! Don't worry, though, because this season CINDY CLAUS SAVES CHRISTMAS!

Fun for all audiences, young and old! This edition includes three fun pictures to color!!

Stage Play, 25 Characters.  Running time: 45 minutes

Printed Version: 28 pages, 8.5" x 11", saddle-stitch binding, black and white interior ink

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Things are heating up this winter!

In this prequel to Cindy Claus Saves Christmas, Mary Kringle, the sweetest girl at Holiday High, just found out that she's in the running to be crowned Queen of the WinterFest Ball! 

Well, Glacia the Ice Princess is having none of that! She intends that crown to be on her own frosty, royal head, and she'll stop at nothing to do it. Teaming up with the hapless Foreign Exchange Student from the Hinterland and the richest kid in school who has too much time on his hands, Glacia schemes to destroy Mary Kringle's reputation... as well as anyone else who gets in her way!

Audience: The young and the young at heart.
Roles: 8 male, 7 female.
Running time: 45 minutes.

Printed Version: Softcover. 8.5" x 11". 40 pages.

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Let's Make a Scene!

LET'S MAKE A SCENE! Short Plays and Scenes for Grade School Performers

Kids love to play! These short plays and scenes are great for students to use to put on a show.

Playmaking is a craft. A play is something you build with your friends! Ask yourself: Who'll direct it? Where do we get the costumes, & props? How will we create the sound effects? Who'll turn on/off the lights? Play scripts are fantastic tools for teaching Group interaction; Creativity & Expression; Technical skills; Language, including ESL And so much more! 

Includes: "Djinn Rummage": in which self-centered Doreen finds a genie at a rummage sale. "All that Glitters": in which the bumbling Behr Brothers thought they had struck gold when they kidnapped the heiress to the Golden Throne port-a-pottie empire. "Candy is Dandy," a macabre modern take on the classic "Hansel & Gretal." Select scenes from "Cindy Claus Versus the Easter Bunny" (the sequel to "Cindy Claus Saves Christmas"). "Birdbrains," sitcom-style mini-episodes about best friends Sydney ("the Brain") and fun-loving, goofy Bird & their friends!

Printed Version: Softcover. 6"x9". 83 pages.

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"So, this leprechaun walks into a bar..."

Saturday night is booming in the city... except at Kelly's Irish Rose.  Moira Kelly is frazzled by the lack of business, a string of bad luck and the constant presence of her ex-beau, Colm. To top it all off, the tavern is down to just one regular customer, and a strange one at that.

If business doesn't pick up again soon, the saloon doors will close forever. Colm wants to help Moira, but neither she nor her brother are too keen on him at the moment, to put it mildly.  When he discovers that the strange guy at the end of the bar could be a leprechaun, Colm thinks he's found the answer to their prayers!  Unfortunately,  not all leprechauns are lucky...

Audience: Adults
Full length play
Roles: 4 men, 2 women.

Printed Version: Softcover, 6"x9", 61 pages

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