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Worried about the impending zombie apocalypse? Did a vampire move into your neighbourhood? Did you go camping, only to find that a pack of werewolves is roaming the KOA? Has your interest in archeology put you on the wrong side of ancient curse? Has your beach party turned into a blood bath?
Never fear! If you keep your head and stock up on  the right equipment, you will be well-prepared to handle any of the common infestation of monsters.
How to Kill Vampires
Keep in mind that Vampires are strong, and fast. They can hide in shadows, hypnotize you, and sometimes can change their form in the blink of an eye. It seems that nothing will sway them from their prey...ripe, blood-filled humans. How do you defend yourself against something that can pick up a VW Beetle and throw it at you, or dissipate into mist?
First of all, keep your distance. If you're religious, you can brandish a blessed holy item of your religion to keep the vampire at bay (at least two arms length is preferred) allowing you to reach for your weapon of choice and take aim.  Don't just take aim, of course, take heart!  That is, take the heart of the vampire, if you can. The usual method is to drive a sharp wooden object (often referred to as a stake, but a broken chair leg will do nicely in a pinch.) Vampires are allergic to wood, and laugh off metal projectiles such as bullets, so your weapon has to be made of wood (preferably raw wood that does not have a veneer). Make sure your aim is true, though! Vampries can heal almost any injury save the destruction of the heart muscle or decapitation.
If you really want to make sure that the vampire is truly dead (and trust me, you really do), burn the body. Fire will destroy the vampire's body, and actually release its trapped soul so that it will transmigrate to the next world. Killing a vampires is actually saving him!
Note: Many vampre hunters will make the mistake of spending WAY too much time tyring to find where a vampire sleeps during the day... and then open a window to let the sunshine in. Are they kidding? Your best choice of weaponry is a combination of crossbow outfitted with wood quarrels and a nice, big flamethrower. Fwoosh!
How to Kill Werewolves
Like vampires, werewolves are very, very strong and fast, so keep your distance! They come in a couple of different varieties: those that metamorph from human to full lupine, and those that go halfsies, transforming into a man-wolf.
Both varieties of Werewolves are highly allergic to silver, which acts like an antibiotic against the lycanthrope virus. You can easly wound a werewolf with a silver fork, but we're talking about killing the monster here, so go ahead and get some silver bullets and a nice high-caliber gun.
If you don't know where to buy silver bullets, do this:
1) go to a fancy restaurant and steal as much of the silverware as possible;
2) go to the library and check out a book on how to smelt metal and make bullets (it's totally easy, actually); make at least 12 silver bullets (one can never have too many);
3) visit your local gun range and practice, practice, practice! As with vampires, you'll want your FIRST shot to destroy the heart of the werewolf. (A blow that destroys the head is just as effective.)
Werewolves can also be destroyed by fire, so keep that flamethrower handy!
How to Kill Mummies
Mummies are really just old corpses, animated by ancient spells to protect tombs and kill people who would desecrate them.  Wwrapped in bandages, they are highly inflammable. When "researchers" from England raped Egypt of its treasures in the late 19th Century, they actually used mummy bodies as kindling. Poor Pharaoh! Don't waste your time reading the Book of the Dead to find the right spell that will stop a mummy. Just hoist your handy flamethrower and burn, baby, burn!
How to Destroy the Frankenstein's Monster
Frankenstein's monster has been torched, frozen, buried... and still will show up at dinner parties uninvited. You can try to burn him with your flamethrower, but the tissue of his body is so resilient that he might get you before he's totally consumed by flame. If that happens, you'll enjoy being burned alive while he crushes your windpipe - either way, no fun!
My suggestion (this will take some advanced planning on your part): The  Lure-Trick-Trip-and-Sizzle. Prepare a large vat of acid. The Frankenstein Monster loves watching flowers float like pretty little boats, and will also follow a little girl anywhere (which raises his creep factor up several notches) so lure him to your acid vat by dressing as Heidi, carrying a bouquet of daisies. Toss the daisies into you vat, and as he goes to fetch them, trip the Frankenstein Monster with a transparent wire in front of the rim of the vat! No mo' monsto!
How to Kill Zombies
There are two kinds of zombies: Voodoo zombies, which are actually entranced LIVE people who follow hypnotic commands, and virus zombies, which are animated corpses trying to fend off their inevitable decay by ingesting the flesh of live humans.(So far, there's no reason to believe that eating flesh will actually stop them from falling apart after a few days.)
Voodoo zombies are kind of annoying... but they usually don't roam the countryside in packs looking for human brains, as to space-virus zombies who are back from the dead and ready to party - again, ON HUMAN FLESH. Thankfully, zombies are, by and large, slow moving...but they're relentless )and surprisingly strong for decaying bodies). The easiest way to stop a zombie is to blow its head off with a shot gun. You've been at the fireing range practicing your aim  against werewolves, so you should be a pretty dang good shot by now! Because zombies are very social, you know that if if you see one, then you can bet that there's at least five more in the immediate vicintiy. Ahhh! Don't be scared! This is where you can have a lot of fun! Use your handy flamethrower to shoot a wide dispersal of fire, burning as many zombies as you can, and then get some marshmallows, put them on sticks, and toast them over the flaming bodies.
How to Kill Manfish

Manfish - such as the Creature of the Black Lagoon or the grape-mouth horrors of party beach - can really ruin your fun in the sun. There you are with your friends playing volleyball &  bikini-dancing to this kickin' surf band... and these slimy, scaly things with webbed claws rise from the depths to ruin EVERYTHING. You can't have that!
Whenever you go to the beach - or a tropical lagoon for that matter - along with your cooler of Smirnoff Ice, hot dogs & bottles of sunblock, make sure you also bring a large bottle of chemical potassium. Yes, potassium is found in bananas, and is good for muscle fatigue, but what you really want is the kind that will put the ache on the Manfish.
As you see the Manfish emerge, toss the Potassium into the water. Potassium is highly reactive with water, will explode, destroy the oxygen, and leave hydrogen behind. The Manfish that aren't blown to pieces in the explosion will suffocate!

Tools You Should Have in Your Arsenal
Flamethrower: Effective against Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Mummies (especially), Frankenstein's Monster.

Price range: Starting at $59
****MUST HAVE****
Crossbow: With wooden quarrels - effective against Vampires.
Optional: with Silver quarrels - effective against werewolves.

Price range: Starting at $350
Handgun & Silver Bullets: Lightweight and easy to carry - effective against Werewolves (contrary to popular belief, Vampires are no more effected by silver than any other metal.)

Price range: Starting at $325
Shotgun: Effective against Zombies
Optional: Use silver buckshot against Werewolves (expensive).  Always keep your shotgun loaded in case of Zombie attack.

Price range: Starting at $290
Potassium: Effective against marine monsters. Highly volatile - use with extreme caution!

Price range: Starting at $6.00
Other Helpful Items:
 Holy Water (regular tapwater blessed by a Roman Catholic Priest works best). Can be shot from a squirt gun.

Necklace whose pendant is a holy item such as a crucifix or Star of David, blessed by your priest or rabbi.
A nice set of silverware. Great for fancy dinner parties, and just the thing in case one of your guests is a werewolf.
Safety Goggles, for use with chemical weapons (acid, potassium).

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