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Matthew Gallagher
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Sister Saturn
CODENAME:  Sister Saturn
NAME:  Surania
LOCATION: Bayport; the outer solar system

OCCUPATION:  Scientist
HISTORY:  Surania followed her cousin Capt. Omega to earth to study the cultures of the people here.  A xeno-anthropologist from outer space, she believes that earthlings and her people are related.  Unlike her famous cousin who has become a worldwide hero, Surania has tried to follow the dictates of Saturnian scientific study: "Observation without involvement."

Things changed, however, when she met Ravengirl.  Her curiosity in crime fighting was sparked by her association with the Darknight Angel.  While she still tries to remain an impartial observer, Sister Saturn was instrumental in the foundation of the Mystery Girls club, and currently acts in an advisory capacity.

ABILITIES:  Sister Saturn exhibits almost unlimited superhuman strength and is impervious to external injury.  She has an infinitely dense moleculr structure, and her uniform creates a gravity field that allows her freedom of movement, as well as limited levitation.

Sister Saturn lives in a ship that orbits the earth.  Devices in the ship allow her to teleport point-to-point all over the globe.  She also carries a ray gun which she has never fired, though she claims that its beam would wipe out half the city if she were ever forced to use it.

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